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Saturday, May 19, 2018 -
4:00pm to 6:30pm

We’re all invited to celebrate Shavuot on Saturday, May 19, at the Michael and Lois Eaton Ranch, 19765 S. Hazelhurst Lane in West Linn. We’ll start with a potluck picnic (vegetarian/dairy/fish) at 4 pm. Highlights include: the Story of Ruth to be experienced with our legendary storyteller Maggidah Rivkah Coburn, parade with our Torah, children’s tractor ride with Michael, and a fire circle in the evening with sharing and song.

4:00 Gather for potluck snacks and refreshments, play, and catching up.
4:30 Procession of the First Fruits and Torah, music with Joel and Baruch.  
        Hearing the Aseret HaDebrot (Ten Commandments) chanted from the Torah by Hazzan Baruch. 
Blessings under the Chupah.
Children’s tractor ride with Michael, to accompany the Torah!
5:30 "Story of Ruth” storytelling with Magidah Rivkah Coburn, Joan Glebow on harmonica.
6:00 Potluck ovo, dairy, pesca vegetarian picnic.
Strawberry shortcake dessert hosted by P’nai Or!
7:00 Stories of the Baal Shem Tov with Harriet Cooke
Chanting, singing till dark.
Dark:   Havdalah
        Fire Circle hosted by Michael
    Share teachings, music— bring your instruments, drums, harmonicas, songs, poems, stories...
What to bring: For the Parade of the First Fruits— flowers/ spring greens, herbs, 
early fruits/vegetables from your gardens, back yards, markets. We’ll share them at our picnic and what we have left over will be for a blessing!
Potluck picnic dish to share, drinks, lawn chair or blanket to sit on, 
jacket for later, flashlight.