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Teshuvah through the Sefirot

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 -
7:00pm to 9:00pm

Harriet Cooke will be offering a 10-session class on Teshuvah through the sefirot. The first session, which takes place on Tisha b'Av (Tuesday, Aug 1), will be open to all P'nai Or members for a donation. The full series has a maximum of 12 students (cost TBD). RSVP is required for the series or just the first session. Harriet writes:"I’ve been trained and have led many workshops on mind-body healing and meditation and am aligning this with Tisha B’Av through Sukkot."The 10-week class on Teshuvah will integrate a journey through the sefirot and focus on the positive critical element of destruction as a necessary part of evolution and development."So there is grief and there is development and transformation. The Keter of destructionis the inspiration to the evolution to a more just and empowered way of being, including the development of new institutions thatinspire personal agency and greater opportunities for justice." RSVP for the series or just the first session: