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Education Programs

Overview of the Siddur – This intro class will present a "macro" view of the prayer book, about how the morning prayer service takes us through the four worlds of Kabbalah and, in doing so, mirrors how we received the Torah on Mt. Sinai. With this perspective, we'll take a quick walk through the individual prayers and see how they fit in to this journey. If we have time, we'll take on one example of the challenge of prayers that can be off-putting because of their apparent inconsistencies with our personal values. We'll do so by taking on one of the most uncomfortable - and most frequent - words in our blessings: "Melech," usually translated as king. We'll unpack alternative interpretations of this word. Open to all who are interested, but especially new and prospective members. If you’d like to attend, please contact Bob Lowe at for location and reading material.

Kabbalah Study – The Kabbalah group studies various texts ranging from the Zohar to the teachings of Rabbi Isaac Luria of Safed. They meet the last Sunday of the month at a private home near St. Mark’s. Contact John McManus at or 503-891-1711.