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Music Groups

Music is an integral part of the davvenen (praying) at P’nai Or. Whether as a member of a music group or simply a part of the kahal (congregation), there are many opportunities to sing and make holy music. David said, “Sing a new song to G-d.” We completely agree.

We have two music groups: the Zingers (choir) and the Chantlings (chant).

P’nai Or Zingers (Choir)

The P’nai Or choir is known as the Zingers. Our function is to lead the kahal (congregation) in song and prayer. This may be very different from the choir you remember from your youth, singing beautiful but perhaps inaccessible music by Rossi, Bloch, and other classical composers.

The Zingers sing arrangements of congregational melodies, and the kahal is always invited to sing with us. Our sources include traditional Sephardi and Mizrachi (Middle Eastern) melodies as well as modern Jewish American folk melodies by Shlomo Carlebach, Nathan & Joseph Segal, Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin, a smattering of Debbie Friedman, and of course, songs by our own Aryeh Hirschfield (zt’l).

We are most active at High Holy Days, but also sing at other special events throughout the year. 

Chantlings (Chant Group)

The P’nai Or Chant Group is known as the Chantlings. While we primarily focus on chants written by Rabbi Shefa Gold, we also draw from other chant leaders and some of Linda Zahavi’s niggunim. We are accompanied by shruti with occasional light drumming and movement. The emphasis is on meditation and prayer through chant, rather than performance. However, the Chantlings also lead chants at some P’nai Or services, interfaith events, and rituals. Many members of the Chantlings are also members of the Zingers, so you need not choose between one or the other.

The Chantlings usually gather on the 4th Sunday of each month. On a typical Sunday morning, we chant for about an hour interspersed with kavanot and meditation. After a brief closing circle, we often transition to more social time with a potluck meal 

The Chantlings are currently meeting via Zoom and will do so until further notice.

The Chantlings are led by Linda Zahavi. a Spiritual Director and graduate of Shefa Gold’s Kol Zimra leadership program and continues to renew her skills at ongoing Kol Zimra events. To participate, or for more information, contact Zahavi (her preferred name) at 503-231-8895 or