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Shabbat and Holidays

P’nai Or celebrates Shabbat in many styles, including chanting, singing, live music, movement & meditation, storytelling, in-home Kabbalat Shabbat potlucks, family services, and more. Sometimes we meet on Friday nights, and sometimes we meet on Saturday mornings.
We typically meet for Shabbat once or twice a month. Check our calendar to see which days we're meeting.
On Friday nights, Kabbalat Shabbat services start at 7:30 pm. Our member leaders or guest rabbis guide us as we welcome Shabbat with services ranging from contemplative to ecstatic. We may start by singing niggunim (wordless melodies) and song and then gather at the front of the sanctuary to light candles together. Liturgy is woven with chant, music, and sometimes meditation, as we savor the sweetness of Shabbat.
On Saturdays, Shabbat morning services start at 10 am. Our leaders guide us with an abundance of songs, a Torah service, words of insight, and sometimes a story to touch the heart.
Depending on the kavannah (intention) of the leader in relation to the parsha (Torah portion), any Shabbat service at P’nai Or may be contemplative or exuberant, a cappella or with the rich music of our band. A maggidah (storyteller) may bring to life a rabbinic tale, or our youth may dive into Torah with a bibliodrama. While staying true to the beautiful structure of classic liturgy, we explore new and forgotten expressions of prayer -– perhaps chanting a single line of a Psalm to allow its meaning to seep into our core, or using our whole body to express the gratitude of the Morning Blessings.